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It is the specific part of 'graphic' restitution of dbSQWare for Sybase.
SQWareWeb Sybase formats (graphs or tables) datas uploaded in SQWareRepository Sybase by many scripts of SQWareProduction module for Sybase. Almost all of the data presented are dynamically generated (volumes, versions, ...), only the data type repository or settings are stored manually in the relevant tables.
Example of static table : tsqw_Repository

Examples of pages presented for Sybase:

  • Inventory of dataservers Sybase with volumetry, version, environnement, ...
  • Distribution of dataserver in number/volumetry per environnement/client/version
  • Detail of volumetry (Globale, databases, FS, Tables, backups)
  • Trace of scripts executions of SQWareProduction Sybase (beginning, end, options, duration, return code, ...)
  • Performances datas
  • Capacity planning
  • ...

Presentation model of SQWareWeb for Sybase.

Explanation of directories

Directories located in $gvsqw_RootexpdbWebdba/htdocs/sybase :

  • bin : Directory containing standard scripts
  • general : Directory containing general reports for all managed dataservers
  • detail : Directory containing contient specific report for one selected dataserver Sybase
  • tech : Directory containing contient "technical" reports, some general and others specific per dataserver Sybase
  • dashboard : Directory containing contient changes on dataservers (removed/created, patched/upgraded), and distributions

Nuvola apps important.png
Do not change the standard configuration files of dbSQWare.

Use directories $gvsqw_RootexpdbWebdba/custom/* for customizations. This will facilitate version upgrades.