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It is the repository module, and stores rdbms indicators for all RDBMS.
It is a MySQL database.
Objects prefix by tsqw_% or isqw_% are generic.
Objects prefix by tsqwcas_% or isqwcas_% are specific for Cassandra.
Installation guide for SQWareRepository for Cassandra

Naming convention

All specific objects for Cassandra are named with prefixes:

  • tsqwcas_% : for tables
  • isqwcas_% : for index
  • isqwcas_%_u : for uniques
  • isqwcas_%_pk : for primary key

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Do not change the standard tables of the tool. For your custom objects, use another name convention than dbSQWare.

This will facilitate version upgrades.

Schema content


This table contains : Instance repository
Desc of tsqw_Repository :

/* Instance repository */