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Configuration file $gvsqw_OraBin/../etc/sqwora_CreDb_Jobs.cfg:

File content:

#IndicDba: Gather indicators DBAs
IndicDba:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_GatherIndicators.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID>

#RmanFull: Backup level 0 (full) with RMAN
RmanFull:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_RmanBackup.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID> -T i0 -Exec 

#RmanInc: Backup level 1 (incremental) with RMAN
RmanInc:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_RmanBackup.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID> -T i1 -Exec 

#PurgeAlert: Purge log/trace files
PurgeAlert:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_PurgeAlert.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID>

#GenAwr: Generate AWR reports
GenAwr:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_GenerateAwr.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID>

#ExpFull: export full of database
ExpFull:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_Export.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID> -T full -H 2 -Exec 

#ExpdpFull: export full of database (expdp)
ExpdpFull:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_Expdp.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID> -T full -H 2 -Exec 

#NetBackup: run user backup command
NetBackup:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_NetBackup.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID> -Policy <Policy> -Schedule  <Schedule> -Exec

#RsyncBackup: run rsync command
RsyncBackup:$gvsqw_OraBin/sqwora_RsyncBackup.ksh -I <ORACLE_SID> -Exec